Alfie Lam

Last two weeks


Why do you give an excuse to keep doing something wrong??? I care your feeling, but who care what i think? I really cannot talk with you abt these two things anymore, cuz i must be wrong in your mind now.

Feeling swell

Nine months ago, i scatched several things, some of them are happiness, and some are worries. Now, i am pushing my brain one day harder than one, depressing is running in my mind. May i have a peaceful, joyful and fruitful life?

My treasure

My treasure

can we believe that Wangyang li committed suicide?

many things on 5 June 2012

1) Kalok and Carman have a new baby…Now Bigham have a new buddy…

2) Bigham learnt to turnover by himself

3) i am troubling to buy which type of 46mm filter

4) i stuck in my mind that where will i go after dead…i don’t want to forget my memories, as i know i will go to the heaven with father of god, Jesus and other believers.

5) the job is very boring…i want to quit!!!!

6) Wish my this year CFA level 2 exam could be passed.

My first 30yrs birthday gift

My first 30yrs birthday gift

Tinwan’s sofa

Tinwan’s sofa